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So there’s going to be a wedding – mazel tov!  But it turns out that getting engaged is the easy part; now there’s actually a wedding to plan.  Oftentimes, that involves more people than just the happy couple.  Those planning a wedding have to make a variety of decisions about the ceremony, from the major to the minor, and take into account the needs and expectations of their family and community.


How do Jewish Americans navigate this multitude of options to create a meaningful ceremony?  Even if they choose to keep it simple, or to simply elope, that itself makes a statement. Either way, the couple’s decisions and actions will be parsed and discussed by their family and peers, now and for years to come. 


After all, it seems, no one is ever Just Married.


The original display of this exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Maryland from June 18 - September 17, 2017 was made possible, in part, by Carroll A. Weinberg, M.D. and Charlotte Cohen Weinberg, The Gottesman Fund, Bank of America Foundation, Alvin and Louise Myerberg Family Foundation, Wendy Jachman, Milton and Trudy Magarill, Greif Family Fund, Pechter Family Foundation, Gift in loving memory of Robert & Rose Hyman Blacher and Abe & Rose Blacher Kirstein, Gift in memory of Sheila S. Pakula by the Pakula Family, Davis Family Philanthropic Fund, Ellen L. Patz Philanthropic Fund, Miriam Winder Kelly, in memory of Patrick J. Kelly Jr., and the membership of the Jewish Museum of Maryland.

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