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Meet the Zellers


Fay and Herman Zellovitz on their wedding day, 1947.


Gift of the Herman and Faye Zeller family. JMM 2006.4.128.

Aranka “Fay” Herschovitz and Herman Zellovitz were married July 15, 1947, in a displaced persons camp, Germany.

Fay and Herman, both Czech survivors of Auschwitz, met after liberation at Camp Grohn, a “resettlement center” in Munich, Germany.  They married in the camp registrar’s office.


Thanks to HIAS, they were able to come to the United States; knowing they would not be allowed to bring cash to the US, when the word came that they’d been approved for immigration they used their savings to purchase a baby carriage for their infant daughter Amalia, and had it shipped ahead. 


The couple settled in Annapolis, where they changed their name to Zeller, opened a kosher grocery store, and were active members of Kneseth Israel.  In later years, Fay used the shipping crate to store her Pesach dishes.


Wicker baby carriage and its shipping crate with original labels for shipment from Camp Grohn, Germany, to New Orleans on the USAT General W.C. Langfitt, March 19, 1950, and by rail to Baltimore several years later.


Gift of the Herman and Faye Zeller family. JMM 2006.4.1-.2.

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