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Meet the Kornblatts

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Anna Osnot Smotritsky and Jacob Kornblatt were married on August 18, 1902 in Baltimore, by Rev. Tobias Goodman.

In 1902 Anna, who emigrated from Russia with her family in 1893, was working as a tailor (along with her father and several siblings) in East Baltimore; Jacob had emigrated from Russia only the year before. 


Their officiant, himself a recent Russian immigrant, was the principal of a Cheder school on West Lombard Street.


Two years after the wedding the Kornblatts’ first child, Joseph, was born; Anna chose to use fabric from her bridal train to make the next important family heirloom, her son’s bris gown. 

Wedding portrait of Anna and Jacob, 1902, taken by N. Shulman, East Baltimore Street.


Gift of Joseph Meyerhoff Library of Baltimore Hebrew University. JMM 1988.140.48


Left: Bris gown, 1904.  Fine white cotton voile with lace inserts, made from his mother’s bridal train. 


Gift of Rose L. Kornblatt. JMM 1987.130.24

Above: A studio portrait of Joseph Kornblatt as a toddler, circa 1906.


Gift of Rose L. Kornblatt. JMM 1987.130.9

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